Who is Jason Cerda?

Jason Cerda is the definition of a new multicultural era of music. His fusion of Pop and different genres of Latin music has left every one of his fans anticipating his newest singles. A native of Washington D.C., Cerda combines his Puerto Rican and Dominican roots with today’s popular beats to take over the new Latin Urban and Tropical genres. However, he’s not just known for his
amazing vocals. His high-energy shows and gravity-defying choreography have made him one of the most memorable performers to come from the DC metropolitan area. From the beginning of his introduction to the world of music, Cerda has made his mark with his infectious energy, attractive image, strong vocals and his ability to fuse these Latin rhythms.

Billboard, one of the music industry’s most prestigious publications, highlighted Jason Cerda as one of the top 5 new artists to lookout for in 2015. With Billboard Top 20 charting singles Al Lado Mio, Color Favorito, and Un Poco Mas under his belt, Cerda has successfully toured in the US, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala building fan bases all over Latin and Central America. Most recently, he has won over Colombia’s heart with his performances at the Latino Show Awards in Medellin and a high-end fashion show soon after. Jason’s charm won him the public’s popular vote when he was selected to perform at one of the country’s biggest summer concerts, the 2014 Uforia Music Festival in Los Angeles. The singer performed as the Uforia Debut Artist and was selected by Subway to be their official “Artista Fresco”. His performance was part of a lineup that included big artists like Ludacris, Camila, Nelly, J Balvin, and Becky G, among many others.


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Cerda has also performed at other key and notable events in the Hispanic community such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade and People Español Festival in New York, Fiesta DC in Washington DC, the world-famous Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, and Calibash Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV.

Singing and writing in both English and Spanish has given him the ability to reach a wide fan-base all over the world. Cerda’s beautiful smile and charming eyes have not gone unnoticed either giving him the title of one of DC’s sexiest bachelors by Inside Edition. Deriving from his Latino heritage and deep admiration for Michael Jackson, Cerda fuses Pop and R&B melodies with Latin beats.

Cerda’s latest single, Telefone, was an international phenomenon since its release in January 2018, charting in France, Colombia, Peru, and Canada.

His new single, AY AMOR ft. Papayo, is destined to follow in the successful footsteps of his recent singles Alarma Remix and Telefone.